Hedgehoppers Model Flying Club


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Hedgehoppers Model Flying Club 2021





Training and Certification 


The Ethos of the club has remained the same since we were formed. Our aim right from the beginning was, an still is to this day, to provide a vehicle for model enthusiasts to participate and promote the hobby of model flying and to do so in a safe relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


We welcome model flyers from all backgrounds and levels of experience. In particular we welcome complete novices who express a keen desire to learn to fly. Learning to fly is a challenge and determination is required if you are to succeed.


Tuition is completely free, as is advice ranging from what model best suits you, to setting up your model. This is an important area particularly to the novice / newcomer.


Learning to fly is a serious business and safety is of paramount importance, but we do try to make it fun at the same time. Using the buddy box system where the instructor can regain control of a model at a flick of a switch makes it a very safe system indeed and will ensure that you get to go home at the end of the day with your pride and joy intact, well ! (most of the time anyway).


HMFC follows the BMFA achievement scheme which ensures that all members must achieve a recognized level of competence (A certificate) and be tested before they can fly unsupervised.  HMFC has two resident BMFA Examiners.  


Further tests can be taken to permit flying at public events (B certificate) and furthermore to become a Club Examiner.  The two resident BMFA Examiners are certified for fixed wing and helicopters, this permits HMFC to examine fixed wing pilots for both A and B certificates and A certificate rotary wing.